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to 'Reach for the Sky' - a corner of Cyberspace with a difference! As the new design of the site builds, you will embark on a shopping expedition or be able to browse other areas of interest; for example, poems, remembrance, pets, charitable causes, tributes and reading.

These categories sometimes interact with shopping thus allowing guests to be inspired to find gifts that will be different; possibly unusual. I am always in the process of finding the best sources of discounts for you; however, I shall maintain the superior quality of merchants as I fully believe that cheap is not always the most economical.

There is a lot to see for shopping. Please look upon 'Reach for the Sky' as a Department Store with many floors and sections. The links to your left will transport you to the most popular areas.

You may like to consider making this page one of your favourites for easy access to see updates on my latest product suggestions.

However now, the countdown to Christmas is here!

So let's think about


It's only
Days: Hours: Mins: Secs:

before Santa comes down your chimney! Hooray!

For a gift with a difference - have you considered one of the most innovative ideas we have recently seen?

It is the Amazon Echo Dot.......!

Sleek and compact design makes Amazon Echo Dot a convenient addition to any room in the house. With its built-in speaker, you can place Echo Dot in the bedroom and use it as a smart alarm clock that can also turn off your lights. Or use Echo Dot in the kitchen to easily set timers and more using just your voice.


...are you (or maybe a friend or relative) interested in alternative history?

What is that all about?

Read George Kearton's first Kindle book:

The Jacobite Uprising of 1745 is one of those parts of British history that we all think we know a little bit about. The romantic story of “Bonnie Prince Charlie” and his gallant Highlanders invading England, only to turn back at Derby and subsequently be defeated at Culloden is part of the cultural glue that holds ‘Great Britain’ together.

But what if things had turned out differently?

What if a broken carriage wheel and an inattentive Royal Navy officer had changed the course of history? Could the Prince and his Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English supporters have reached London, deposed George II and driven him into exile in Hanover? And how would our history have changed if the House of Stuart had been restored to the British throne in 1745?

Presented as a historical text, 'The Year of The Prince' tells the tale of a history which might have been and chronicles a successful Jacobite Uprising with many different consequences for Great Britain. It is the first of five volumes in 'The House of Stuart Sequence'. Future volumes will tell of the ongoing effects of a Stuart Restoration on the history of Great Britain, Europe, the Americas and beyond. The whole series will travel the years from 1745 to 1900 by which time we discover 'A World Turned Upside Down'.


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