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The Chocolate Tasting Club

How the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club was started -

Their recent history is littered with great double acts whose contributions ensure that they will be remembered for years to come: Morecambe & Wise, Laurel & Hardy and Sooty & Sweep to name but a few. And so, in answer to many who have asked us how The Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club began, we have unearthed our very own double act – Angus & Terry.

So where does the story begin? It turns out that there is not one single root, but several strands. Hotel Chocolat came first (our sister company delivering chocolate gifts) born out of general dismay at the state of chocolate available in the UK. Determined to improve standards, Hotel Chocolat forged links with the chocolatiers with whom we have become familiar in the past few years.

The success of these chocolate gifts then led us to the following perplexing conclusion – the customers who like our chocolates are always sending them to others! How then could they get to enjoy the quality of chocolate that they so obviously appreciated?

A second factor became evident every time new chocolate samples arrived causing a ripple of excitement and anticipation in the office. Angus Thirlwell explains why,

“Some of the best fun had in the office was when new samples arrived – everyone tasted, scored and had a great time. As we enjoyed it so much, then I thought perhaps our customers would too?”

The spark of an idea began to form and the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club was almost born. There remained only one more piece of the puzzle. Terry Waters arrived on the scene and brought with him the technical expertise of how clubs work and a concept for a tasting club without high-pressure selling and any obligation to buy. The ideas fused, all the strands came together and The Club was created.

All that remained now was to find the chocolates and the chocolatiers. While Angus was busy criss-crossing the European countryside in a hired refrigerated van, Terry was forging ahead with the nuts and bolts of running the new Club.

There’s no doubt that they were hectic times and the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club has moved on in leaps and bounds. The chocolatiers, who were at times sceptical and reluctant to produce in small quantities, are now eager for their chocolates to make an appearance. They have featured over 30 chocolatiers to date all competing for a space in the tasting box. They are into their fourth year and have recently unveiled a new look to celebrate. Members’ feedback has been vital in the evolution of the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club - long may you continue to keep them on the straight and narrow!

Try the no commitment introductory selection featuring fresh, authentic and unique chocolates for just £9.95 (£13 off) including delivery and FREE gift (worth £6).

It’s easy to get your tasting adventure under way.

  1. Try the special Introductory Selection for just £9.95 (£13 off) including delivery.

  2. There are no commitments or obligations to buy anything further.

  3. They will deliver in convenient packaging designed to fit most letterboxes.

Then what happens? Well, if you decide you would like to discover more, then brand new selections are available every month – but you always choose if and when you’d like to receive new selections. Currently there are five different selections to choose from – Classic, Dark, Milk, Elements and Fortified - available for £22.95 (inc delivery).

In memory of 'Lucky, Sherry, Bigsy & Simba'

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