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01 September 2017 saw birthday number 13 since the launch of the UK's first legal music download chart.

Downloading then became the future for music; this has been rapidly followed by eBooks and software.

For music, it is so easy and the quality is excellent. However, I have looked at quite a number of eBooks and so many are poorly presented; I would go so far to say, "Thrown together". Due to resell rights, they have been legally changed but badly. Yet the promoters expect payment.

This is why I have launched some of my own eBooks. It is an ongoing project for you but already some are finished and you can download directly. Please keep an eye for new links by making 'Reach for the Sky' one of your favourites.

eBooks are often much more economical for research or, for example, if you are building a recipe library. Available too on Reach for the Sky are others which I have modified to make them look more professional.

I also have a word of caution about software - especially if you are buying a program that has resale rights.

From my experience the programs are fine providing that they work! However, should you have a question or you need support then you could be left high and dry.

The so-called supporting websites may have disappeared. Email messages do not get answered or are returned undelivered. Good money that has been used to purchase the product. Maybe your money has been wasted?

Therefore, I shall be extremely selective in advertising software with resale rights on these pages. If I feel unhappy about something, I most certainly will not offer it to you.

If you do not have the free Adobe Reader to view eBooks, then you can download the free program to your computer by clicking the following link.

Here is one of my own eBooks.............

.........I love gingerbread and I know many of my friends do too. I suppose we often think that it is just made for the Festive season; Christmas or Halloween maybe. But I (and  many others) like it all the year round; most children like gingerbread men too!

I now have an eBook to offer you. It is a collection of information (with some recipes) and also the famous story, 'The Gingerbread Man'.

The eBook is well illustrated and also includes a gingerbread man template in case you haven't got a cutter to hand.

Because there is so much I could include, I know that there will be many more different items to come.  I have therefore decided to offer the eBook to you now in a totally different way than usually found on the Internet.

I have not numbered the pages in 'We Love Gingerbread', because if you wish to print it out, you may like to keep them in a binder. For instance, you might wish to keep 'The Gingerbread Man' story separate for your children; also you may need to renew the template page.  It becomes so easy when you have everything electronically available on your computer.

Then, when new insertions  are ready, you could add them to your binder and possess what I believe will become a beautiful book.

One of the food pages already in the eBook is a recipe for a low-fat Gingerbread Loaf. Here is a snapshot for you to see.

Here are the contents:

Gingerbread History
Types of Ginger
Using Ginger
The Story of the Gingerbread Man
What are Folktales?
Gingerbread Man Template

Gingerbread Recipes:

Gingerbread Man
Low-fat Gingerbread Loaf
Sticky Gingerbread
Gingerbread Parfait

There are many more we can consider to include. Let me know if you would like me to do some research for you.

The insertions will be sent to you, free of charge, as and when they are designed. So that you don't miss anything and to avoid going down a membership route, please ensure that I am kept updated with your email address.

'We Love Gingerbread' is available for you now. The cost is just £4.00 and your order will be fulfilled by DigitalSellz who will give you the link for your download. To avoid disappointment and also if you would like to receive the extra insertions (when available) please ensure that your email address is absolutely correct.

Click the image to:


In memory of 'Lucky, Sherry, Bigsy & Simba'

Copyright © Norma Kearton 2000 - 2017