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Homemade Mincemeat and Mince Pies

Christmas festivities would not be the same without a mince pie (or two) but many people still think that mincemeat is made from meat. Traditionally it was and as a way of preserving without adding loads of salt or drying, alcohol, vinegar, and spices were used. Originally, more meat than fruit would be found and it was more of a main course than a dessert.

However, over the years, mincemeat has evolved into a dish using more fruit than meat and becoming more sweet than savoury. In fact, most modern mincemeat recipes only use suet (beef fat), that is if they use any meat at all, as vegetarian suet is now frequently included as a very popular substitute.
My collection of recipes is growing so I decided to gather them together in an illustrated eBook and share them with you. There is a page about the origin of mincemeat; 3 different homemade mincemeat recipes and 3 mince pie variations.

There will be many more different items to come, of that I am sure, so I have decided to offer the eBook to you now in a totally different way than usually found on the Internet. I have not numbered the pages in 'Homemade Mincemeat and Mince Pies', because if you wish to print out, then you may like to keep them in a binder. As new insertions become available, you could add them and possess what I believe will become a beautiful book. So many variations appear each year so I think this is a great way to keep them for reference. Keeping the original on your computer is so useful too, especially if a friend asks you for the recipe.

Here are the recipes:

Classic Mincemeat
Tropical Mincemeat
Cranberry and Apple Mincemeat
Traditional Mince Pies
Dreamy Mince Pies
Coconut Topped Mince Pies

This is a snapshot of the cover for you to see. (By the way, the dreamy mince pie recipe is my own variation which I have used for over thirty years and still receive compliments!)

Please click on the above image to view a sample page You can download if you wish but this is not the full recipe.

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The insertions will be sent to you, free of charge, as and when they are designed.

'Homemade Mincemeat and Mince Pies' is available for you now. The cost is just £2.00 and your order will be fulfilled by DigitalSellz who will give you the link for your download. To avoid disappointment and also if you would like to receive the extra insertions (when available) please ensure that your email address is absolutely correct.

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